Resistive Solutions for Transportation



Resistive Solutions for Transportation Brochure

Ohmite strives to be the number one provider of power resistors and thermal solutions for high power transportation and EV applications. Multiple lines can be fully customized to your transportation/EV application needs, with a wide range of standard products available as well.

Explore product information, specifications, and points of customization for these resistor and thermal management families:

  • TAP Series Planar Resistors
  • TGH Series Thick Film Power Resistors
  • DCRW and PCRW Wirewound Resistors
  • Ceramic Composition Resistors
  • HS and SOT/TAP Thermal Pads
  • C Series TO-126, TO-247, TO-220 and TO-264 Package Heatsinks
  • CR Series Heatsink with Universal Cam-Clip
  • SHA Series Precision Shunts
  • 30 Series High Energy Wirewound Resistors
  • AZ Series PulsEater┬« Ceramic Composition Resistors
  • EY Series Ceramic Composition

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